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Second to last one for me.

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one day!

one day!

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apenas pueda sera mi tattoo :Q_____


apenas pueda sera mi tattoo :Q_____

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The extinct Tasmanian tiger

i cant believe that we allowed an animal which was alive so recently that we have videos of it to go extinct

In a way you’d think that in these modern times we wouldn’t possibly let an animal go extinct but this is a very dangerous way of thinking - and is exactly why we may find species are to become extinct in the near future. For example a tiger like the Sumatran is said to become extinct by just next year, but people will not act significantly enough because they don’t believe that we would let something like that happen.

But in reality, there are already so many animals that are extinct from the wild, like the giant tortoise or species of deer, and so many heading to extinction like the Amur Leopard, where only 45 are said to remain, and the Javan Rhino, where there are no more than 50 and none in captivity. 

and lets not forget the Northern White Rhino, where literally 4 remain.

It is so important to act while they are still with us.


The Baiji river dolphin is another recently endangered (or considered so) species as of 2006. :(  There are a ton of conservation efforts that just don’t have the support they need, be it monetary or governmental.

And to add to the OP’s post here is a link to a video with more Thylacine/Tasmanian Tiger footage.

There’s also the kakapo, last tiem I checked there where 63 left.

But recent efforts and raise of popularity helped them a lot. That’s the prooof we can actualy make a difference.

But another problem is also that many people says they dont want wild animals like bears or cougars next to their house, camp and stuff. But tough I can understand there animals are dangerous, they need a place to live and we’re litteraly EVERYWHERE. So we can’t help but live around them. as long as people wont realise that we’ll be exterminating whole species simply because we’re afraid they might see one.

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Secrets. on We Heart It
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(8) Cl0ser | via Facebook na We Heart It.


(8) Cl0ser | via Facebook na We Heart It.

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nutella pizza
click here for recipe
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BleedSkull by Anuwolf
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